In a world in constant evolution, the models and skills that helped us thrive yesterday are increasingly becoming obsolete. To develop new solutions to today’s problems, we need to develop new ways of thinking, working and being.


The Openfield Institute is developing and disseminating new knowledge and practices to foster cross-sector collaboration and help tackle the systemic problems and opportunities that flourish all around us.

We design and deliver bespoke learning capsules and programs to help individuals and organisations deal with complexity and increase their positive impact on the world. We also curate and publish books, articles, and white papers.

Our research and learning activities are grounded in practice. Our consulting arm – Openfield – is an inexhaustible source of insights and stories that fuels our legitimacy.

The concept of the Institute is still emerging and so is this website.

We would really appreciate any feedback to steer us in the right direction.

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Design and Facilitation Masterclass

The Design and Facilitation Masterclass is an intensive 2-day, experiential deep dive into the world of collaboration design and facilitation.

Guiding Constant Change

in an Agile Environment

A 2-day training course for leaders to come away with a new mindset and approach for guiding their organizations in an era of unprecedented and constant change.

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Upcoming Sessions
Design and Facilitation Masterclass
Melbourne, Australia (tbd)
Design and Facilitation Masterclass
Singapore (tbd)
Design and Facilitation Masterclass
Paris, France (tbd)
Design and Facilitation Masterclass
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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