Appointments Scheduled with Coach | 5 Sessions of 2 hours in video.

Starter | Coaching with Gail Taylor

Your objective is clear and you want to step up your mastery on a specific domain of design and facilitation with the help of a master Jedi of your choice. The first 1h free session will determine this objective and the way to measure it.
Starter | Coaching with Gail Taylor

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Appointments Scheduled with Coach
5 Sessions of 2 hours in video.

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Wherever you stand in your development journey, you have started to lay the foundations for your practice: tools, models, postures, experience, network, etc. Training sessions in general, and our Design and Facilitation Masterclass in particular, are essential milestones in your learning journey but the path to mastery is long, tortuous and full of moments of doubt and questioning. The challenge all along your journey is to make sense of each of your experiences and put them is perspective to build a pathway in line with your aspirations. Through regular conversations, our coaches will help you define developmental milestones and measure progress, strengthen your confidence and transform your self-limiting beliefs into learning opportunities.

This individual coaching spreads over several months, with a series of 2h conversations every three weeks or so, in parallel to your practice on the job. Each session will be an opportunity for a safe and benevolent dialogue about yourself and your journey.

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