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Online Facilitation

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4 sessions of 3,5h

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AU$ 599



Online Facilitation

The onslaught of COVID-19 forced many changes – to both our work and personal lives. Most of us moved to working and interacting virtually, almost full time. We might have noticed engagement dropping, people leaving frustrated as they didn’t feel heard and understood, there being little (or no) alignment / agreement, and perhaps no clear actions identified at the end. With an additional technology challenge, these dynamics have become even harder to manage.


Even as segments of our world revert back to face-to-face engagements, operating online will be part of our reality moving forward. So how to we engage others in deep conversation effectively, while operating online?


This workshop has been designed with two major considerations:

  • Firstly, to enable participants to experience first-hand that it is possible to have meaningful discussions and engagements online.

  • Secondly, to operate as a complementary partner to our flagship “Design and Facilitation Masterclass” programme. Each participants will receive a free copy of the book Collaboration By Design.

The program is decomposed as follows:

  1.  Pre course work

  2. Online session 1: Fundamentals of Facilitation (3.5 hrs)

       Practical 1: Self-directed learning (approx. 2hrs)

  3. Online session 2: Understanding Virtual Facilitation (3.5 hrs)

       Practical 2: Self-directed learning (approx. 2hrs)

  4. Online session 3: Experiencing the Power of Virtual Facilitation (3.5 hrs)

       Prep for practicum - One-to-one consultation (30 min) - Optional

  5. Online session 4: Practicum (4 hrs)

Note: the practical sessions will involve participants engaging in learning and practice in their own time, at their own pace.


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