Organisational or community transformations always come with their challenges and opportunities for leaders and managers in charge. They can challenge some of your core beliefs, values and aspirations, and reveal some opportunities for personal growth.

As a new paradigm emerges, you need not only to set a direction and steer the boat through uncertainty, but you also need to make sense of the journey on a personal level and turn it into an opportunity to unlock more of your potential. 

We will support you on this journey and help you deal with complexity by increasing your contextual and self-awareness, and helping you remain grounded and connected.

Who Is It For?

Leaders sponsoring transformation journeys or managers in charge of their operationalisation in their organisation or community. People dealing with complexity and ambiguity, exposed to high pressure and expectations, and feeling stuck under a glass ceiling.

What Will We Do?

  • Clarify your personal goals and formulate them in a tangible and actionable way.

  • Clarify your vision for the future and your underlying beliefs and mental models.

  • Work on your drivers and limitations to develop new mental models and interaction patterns with your ecosystem.

  • Test new behaviours, validate your ecology and put your objectives in perspectives to potentially adjust them

  • Anchor the most useful resources and decisions; amplify the supporting beliefs and behaviours.