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7 months


AUD 1,150




A journey through learning and insight to develop skills, readiness, and opportunities to dramatically increase our ability to act as agents in the upCreation of the systems and structures that speak to our hearts.

We are still deep within the first global Pandemic. Everyone around our beautiful, blue planet is undergoing this Great Pause. Mother Earth has sent us all to our rooms to consider how we have been living and how we must change. Humanity is aware as never before that we are all bound together, not just in suffering a cataclysmic blow to health and livelihood, but also in the opportunity to upCreate the ways we act with each other and with the planet. 

Whatever your experience with this work so far, you have been  preparing for a time such as this. 

Let us come together as the global community that we are. Let us reconnect and upCreate our work to become fully requisite with the challenges and opportunities of this remarkable time. This is a time like no other. This workshop will be like none you have participated in before. 

  • Transformational – Our aims will be nothing less than a major and significant upCreation of our ability to support a world in a radical, disruptive transition to new global systems that work for everyone.

  • Virtual – We will use the finest, most effective online collaboration technologies and tools, including training in these tools where needed.

  • Scheduled to the Moon – We will follow an ancient, natural calendar. The sessions will be held on the day of the New Moon where you live (20/21 July, 18/19 Aug; 17/18 Sept; 16/17 Oct; 15/16 Nov; 14/15 Dec). The new moon has traditionally been a time of new beginnings, a "between time" for new desires, goals, and plans.

  • Global, Following the Sun – The session will be organized in three target time zones: Central European Time, US Pacific Time, and Singapore Time. The workshop will run from 8 to 6 in each time zone with a 2-hour mid-day break. You will be able to join any activities that fit your personal schedule.

  • PatchWorks Based – Teams (patches) will be both global and local, sharing and reporting work.

  • Organized by Design, Not Default – There will be a variety of activities in each region – multi-media learning, individual study, team working, and Node-to-Node connecting, among others that we will invent together.

  • Local Facilitation Teams – Each of the three regions will have its own KreW designing and coordinating the work of that region and connecting it with the others.

  • Radical Engagement – Far from conducting normal Zoom calls (who needs more of those?!), we will use only the most effective approaches for enhancing online engagement.

  • Beyond Borders – Invite your clients and colleagues from other disciplines. Let’s celebrate diversity and inclusion of all kinds.


If you require more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to clear any doubts you may have.