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Art of Questioning

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2 Days

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€ 1,190



Conducting a meeting and leading a constructive conversation, generating value for all, is a delicate exercise requiring the use of specific skills and postures. How to navigate in a conversation without being an expert of the "substance" while inviting its interlocutors to consider other points of view, to observe blind spots which escape them?


What posture and method tools allow you to be comfortable in this often delicate exercise? How to actively listen, create a space for dialogue and exploration, identify and formulate relevant or sometimes surprising questions at the right time, which will help maintain a high level of commitment?


To answer these questions, Openfield Institute has developed training allowing anyone in charge of leading collaborative meetings (managers, project/programme leaders, facilitators) to strengthen their ability to navigate in these high-stakes moments, regardless of the context and the participants involved.


Giving pride of place to putting it into practice and taking a step back, these two days focus on posture and the tools essential to the art of questioning.

Key Themes

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These two days are mainly focused on practice and address in particular:

  • Understand the importance of posture and facilitation to accompany participants in a collaborative meeting (listening, intention, inferences) 

  • Explore the typologies of questions and know their impact of their use on their interlocutors 

  • Rely on models in the service of exploration and questioning 

  • Identify the keys to find your own style and develop your presence, amplify your impact by relying on your strengths (charisma, personal style, etc.)


At each stage of the training, we will use tools, models and stories from lived moments to reinforce learning. Regular feedback at the end of the practical sessions will allow participants to reinforce their achievements and identify their points of improvement. The course is based on both facilitation and coaching.


The training will be followed, 2 to 3 months later, by a two-hour remote session to reflect on the path taken and to anchor the lessons in your daily practice.

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