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Openfield Institute

Personal Development

Develop your skills and competencies to enhance your ability to drive change over time.



Discover our masterclasses designed as interactive workshops, covering different dimensions of the fiels of collaborative design and systemic transformation.

In-Person  Only - Expression of interest open for Virtual sessions


Design and Facilitation

An intensive 2-day experiential deep dive into the world of collaborative design. Develop your co-design and facilitation skills and immediately embed them in your everyday practice.

Virtual & In-Person Available


Guiding Constant Change

A practical course for leaders to develop the mindset and approach for guiding their organizations in an era of unprecedented and constant change.

Virtual & In-Person Available



A 1-day course to explore and practice how storytelling and narrative generation can be powerful lever for organisational or systemic change.

Personal Development

Deepen your mastery in the field of collaborative design through privileged dialogues with experienced mentors. Design with them your own learning journey and reflect on your concrete challenges.

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Design Clinic

Designing alone is hard; why not do it with senior collaboration designers? Book time with one of our masters to explore a specific design challenges and co-design your way out of it.



Structure and accelerate your development journey through dialogue with one of ours coaches, all masters at the practice of design and facilitation.

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