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Trust Building and Boundary Spanning in Cross-Border Management

This edited book addresses two critical issues in international management: building trust and managing boundary spanning activities between international business partners.

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The Innovation-Friendly


How to cultivate new ideas and embrace the change they bring. Defines a new corporate culture grounded in diversity of thought and attitude that creates an environment conducive to innovation.

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Living Leadership

Built on a unique four-year experiment working alongside real leaders in real businesses, Living Leadership explodes the myth of the charismatic, transformational leader, to show that real progress comes from the dramatically ordinary aspects of leadership.


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Collaboration By Design

A field guide on workshop design and facilitation, balancing holistic concepts and models with concrete tools, tips and practitioners’ stories.

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Clean, Green and Responsible?

Learning from a Climate Improvement Initiative: A Co-constructed Autoethnographic Exploration of Tensions in a Cross-Sector Collaboration (1 chapter in an academic publication on CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance).

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