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The following sessions are coming up. If you’re interested, sign up while the spots are open. It takes 2 minutes!

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There are no scheduled events in the near future. Please view our past sessions. 

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View Past Sessions

Past Sessions

Missed one of our previous sessions? Don’t fret. The recording are all down here and available for free.




Sustainability as a Strategic Differentiator

Time has come to shift our approach to sustainability from a regulatory requirement (if not a moral imperative) to a competitive strategic advantage. Join our 4 panelists to explore why and how, and to reflect on some stories of trailblazing organisations.

49 min

Philippe Coullomb

Andrea Thompson

Jay Crangle

Nawal Taneja

Transformation Story (Canada)

Explore a Canadian Public Sector case-study of a transformation that is still on-going. Context, approach, outcomes, challenges, f****-ups, etc. We will tell you everything!

57 min

Sandra Daniel

Transformation Story

Explore an Australian case study of a 2-year companywide transformation activating all the levers of our Change Platform Model. Context, approach, outcomes, challenges, f****-ups, etc. We will tell you everything!

58 min

Philippe Coullomb

Narrative Regeneration

A dialogue around a real life case study with two expert practitioners who leverage story-telling and visualisation to achieve transformation.

50 min

Philippe Coullomb

Jean-Baptiste Vincent

Nicolas Aidoud

Collaboration by Design

An open conversation - in French - with the authors of the book on the practice of collaborative design in the service of the major challenges of the moment for organisations.

1 hour

Philippe Coullomb

Cedric Defay

Guenola Rasa

Designing Global Online Forum

Explore a case study of a large scale community engagement and strategic planning forum for a global non-for profit organisation. Context, approach, outcomes, challenges, etc. We will tell you everything!

54 min

Philippe Coullomb

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