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Managing Programs Collaboratively

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2.5 Days

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€ 2,200

(+ two 3h follow-up calls)



Managing Programs Collaboratively

Collaboration is the essential component of successful program management. Programs run collaboratively are less likely to fail, and more likely to achieve their outcomes, faster.

Invest in a two-and-a-half-day masterclass designed for program managers and line managers who have been given a complex, time-bound objective and a team to achieve it. The course will make you a more effective leader of a program team.

Key Topics

This masterclass will un-pack the full program life-cycle and deep dive in the most complex and recurrent management challenges, known to cause delays, decrease ROI and increase costs.

We will explore how concrete collaborative tools and methods, as well as leadership behaviours and skills can empower managers and teams to tackle these challenges faster and more effectively.

We will focus in particular on:

  • Defining and delivering value

  • Working effectively in multi-stakeholder contexts

  • Creating deep and meaningful alignment and shared ownership

  • Building conditions for empowerment

  • Facilitating complex decision making and improving robustness and sustainability of decisions

  • Managing crises and dealing with uncertainty without losing sight of end goals

  • Creating visions and program charters that everybody understands, believes in, and is committed to

  • Managing teams in an ever-changing workplace

  • Approaching a program as a quest and a collective adventure


As collaboration is the subject of this masterclass, the training model will itself employ deeply collaborative methods. The masterclass will feature the patented MGTaylor DesignShop™ methodology, designed to maximize creativity and innovation while ensuring tangible, actionable outcomes.

Training sessions will be comprized of a minutely orchestrated series of fast-paced and highly engaging modules. Participants will be able to share their insights, learn from each other, and adapt learning to their specific needs and wants. It will be unlike any training course you have ever attended.

The masterclass will be followed – 3 and 6 months later – by two 3-hour remote sessions to consolidate course learnings.

This course is developed in collaboration with Matter Group.

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If you require more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to clear any doubts you may have.

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