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Guiding Constant Change


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2 Days

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US$ 12.000 onwards


Guiding Constant Change Course

The outcome for this two-day masterclass is for leaders to come away with a new mindset and approach for guiding their organizations in an era of unprecedented and constant change.

Focusing on developing core skills like influencing and facilitation, organizational leaders are taken on a journey to re-imagine how they perceive change, moving away from traditional approaches (e.g. managing change in a linear fashion), and instead leading with an incremental and iterative approach.

By developing a persistent and sustainable change platform within their organization, leaders will be capable of handling whatever new ideas, concepts, challenges or opportunities come their way, responding with a welcoming manner as opposed to resisting these elements. By reflecting on their culture, leaders will become aware of the nuances and biases that may get in the way of their long-term objectives. Through culture shaping, they can gently move their organization into new directions.

Key Topics

The course will cover a four step model to guiding change from understanding your global systems, to designing an approach and change mapping. We will pull apart methods and practices from design thinking, traditional organisational change management and agile to help you better understand the why behind a tool so you can select a fit for purpose approach for your own organisational context.

We will include the use of tools, models, frameworks and real- life stories to deepen the learning. The course builds on Agile, Design Thinking, Collaborative Design and ADKAR.

We will focus in particular on:

  • Capabilities and Mindsets: the skills, capabilities, mindsets and principles for embedding a resilient approach to guiding change.

  • Global Systems: Why we need to consider our influencers and degree of complexity before defining an approach to guiding change.

  • Purpose definition: practical tools and tips for getting to WHY.

  • Design: The basics of outcome identification

  • Change implementation: how to do change mapping and the advantages and opportunities in leveraging agile approaches for organisational change implementation.

This course has been co-design with Mack Adam of Alluvial Consulting.

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