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Guiding Constant Change 

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2 Days

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US$ 12.000 onwards



Meet Your Facilitators

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Sandra Daniel

Sandra has fifteen years of experience supporting organizations and individuals to navigate through complex periods of change all around the world. Designing strategies and change processes, she engages with all walks of life to help them design their own approaches for the emergence of new ways of working. Sandra has developed a strong expertise in collaborative design, and in particular design workshops, as a client before becoming a practitioner which gives her a unique perspective on the craft.

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Mack Adams

Mack is a Management Consultant, Advisor and Facilitator who works with the leaders of organizations on aligning their teams, processes and products towards meeting strategic goals and outcomes.

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Georgie Nevile

Georgie has a background in film making and has become expert at using the art of persuasion to bring people along the impossible journey of independent film making. Over 10 years ago, she entered the world of collaborative design and is now working at the intersection of creative and corporate. Georgie is a master at activating the invisible threads between people to bring the best out of their collaboration, and at supporting teams to operate at a high performing level, inside and outside workshops.

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