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Design and Facilitation


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2 Days

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€ 1,000


Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives

Learn how to use collaborative design mindset, tools and techniques to design and facilitate better workshops. In particular by;

  • Developing the mindset and skillset to co-design and deliver collaborative workshops with greater confidence.

  • Exploring the use of models and the art of questioning as key enablers of the co-design practice.

  • Learning some structured processes and tools to develop your practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants have a holistic understanding of the multiple different ways in which workshops can create value for the participants, the sponsors, and ultimately the organisation.

  • Participants understand how to create the right context for workshops to deliver valuable outcomes through meaningful collective experiences.

  • Participants can detect risks earlier to prevent them, and better handle difficult situations that were not anticipated.

  • Participants take away  experience-based insights about sponsor engagement and the co-design process, including practical tips and tricks.

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