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Design and Facilitation


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Meet Your Facilitators

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Philippe Coullomb

Philippe has developed a deep experience in transformation design and group genius facilitation across all industries and all continents. He engages with leaders, teams and communities to co-design approaches for the deep transformation of complex systems. He helps create the conditions for emergence of new ways of doing business and guides large groups on their journey through complexity.

Sandra Daniel

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Sandra has fifteen years of experience supporting organizations and individuals to navigate through complex periods of change all around the world. Designing strategies and change processes, she engages with all walks of life to help them design their own approaches for the emergence of new ways of working. Sandra has developed a strong expertise in collaborative design, and in particular design workshops, as a client before becoming a practitioner which gives her a unique perspective on the craft.

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Guenola Rasa

Guenola has been practicing co-design and facilitation for over 17 years across the globe. She invites large and small teams to explore possibilities, experiment ideas, express themselves and engage into action-oriented results. With her no nonsense style, she seeks to break down complex issues into manageable bite sized pieces. She has extended experience in publishing and project management in public and private sectors in Europe.

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Georgie Nevile

Georgie has a background in film making and has become expert at using the art of persuasion to bring people along the impossible journey of independent film making. Over 10 years ago, she entered the world of collaborative design and is now working at the intersection of creative and corporate. Georgie is a master at activating the invisible threads between people to bring the best out of their collaboration, and at supporting teams to operate at a high performing level, inside and outside workshops.

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Shoba Chandran

Shoba is a highly experienced facilitator and consultant, with more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the field. She is a Certified Competent Facilitator (CCF), Scrum Master and CTI trained coach. Shoba specialises in running organisation retreats and strategy offsites; working with the leadership and their teams to solve complex problems and chart a strategy for the future. More recently, she has been directing part of her energies to upskill her industry peers.

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Cédric Defay

Cédric started his career as an IT project manager, building web-based business solutions for his clients from all industries. He discovered co-design and group genius facilitation in 2007 and decided to explore and dig into this wide universe.  Since then, he has supported leaders and companies on the exciting journey of collaborative innovation and transformation. More recently, he started developing capability building, training and coaching activities for peers and clients. 


Antoine Viornery

Antoine has worked with some of the most demanding organisations in the world, from global industry leaders to international organisations. Combined with his background in psychology, he is a recognised practitioner of the MG Taylor process and other facilitation techniques (Design Thinking, Open Space Technology, People Science) and has worked in a wide variety of cultures and geographies (Europe, US, Asia-pacific, Middle- East, and Africa). 

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Sébastien Rocq

Facilitator specialised in supporting transformations and co-founder of the Codesign-it group. He explores emerging work practices and their impact on management, innovation and workplaces. He has recently contributed to the change process at La Française des Jeux, in large French banks and in public services. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Office et Culture. He also teaches social innovation methods in the Human Sciences Department at the University of Rouen.

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